Equine Products UK Ltd partners with Equine Care Group🤝

by Karen McGivena February 13, 2024 1 min read

Equine Products UK Ltd partners with Equine Care Group🤝

Equine Products UK Ltd is very proud to announce our partnership with Equine Care Group.

The Equine Care Group has a very clear vision: providing the best possible medical services for your horses. To achieve their goal, ECG allows veterinarians, scientists, and hospitals to partner up within ECG to share their passion, knowledge, and expertise on an international level.

Combining ECG Medical Care, which consists of Clinics, Ambulatory Care and Reproduction & Fertility. ECG Labs, ECG Nutrition & Supplements and ECG Research & Education. Together these divisions create an international network of knowledge.

Collaboration is the future in veterinary medicine and ECG opens a door to a new medical world.  A world in which progression, sharing of information and close collaboration between top specialists is key to achieving the highest level of veterinary medicine.

The Equine Care Group invests significantly in the research and development of nutrition, nutraceuticals, and regenerative therapy. Their specialists and researchers strongly believe that healthy scientifically substantiated nutrition is the foundation of the well-being of the horse. Many diseases can be prevented or even treated with the right nutrition.

At Equine Products UK the secret to our products is simple; we use the best ingredients available on the market and in the highest concentrations to ensure efficacy and customer satisfaction. We strive for the very best for our customers and their horses. Together with ECG, we are excited about the future of Equine Nutrition and Supplementation, and the difference we can make together.

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